I’m Lauren Best.

* Facilitator of Possibility & Certified Hypnotherapist

I am a purpose-driven individual, so I want my work to feel meaningful and create a positive change for peoples lives.

More than anything I want to use my own super powers to help people step into the change they want to make in the world, by creating a balanced, purposeful, and authentic life they love. 


I am a Purpose-Centred Design & Mindset Transformation Coach supporting folks to challenge their limiting beliefs, explore new possibilities to use their unique super-powers, and find the confidence they need to take aligned action into purposeful work designed around the life they want to live. 


By becoming my own first client, I have been able to discover and design a business which blends my creative design expertise with my new found practice of hypnotherapy, to support purpose-driven individuals at the intersection of conscious design strategy and subconscious mindset expansion. Together these practices allow me to create spaces of support and co-creation to help these folks move through the noise, envision and come up with new ideas, and create bite-sized plans of action that support their desired area of transformation. 


My multidisciplinary background includes Service Design Consulting, Business Transformation & Strategy Design, Coaching & Mentorship, Design Research, Operational Leadership, Collaboration & Culture Design, Workshop Facilitation & Training, Design Thinking, and Communication Design. This work has allowed me to collaborate with public and private sector organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs. And it has taken me across the globe from Canada, to the UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Singapore. 

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