Why do I want to work at SPACE10?

The unique approach of problem-solving and change making that SPACE10 manifests and embodies is something that I truly admire. I believe that designs created in response to the needs of the world—with high social and moral values—is what sparks and drives innovation. But even more, designs that can challenge behaviour, social norms, and public policy, are the ones that can really make an impact on the world as we know it.

Although we do not know what the future brings entirely, I see SPACE10 as that hub for change for the future of living and for happiness. I am eager to challenge and improve on current processes, how sustainable practice in design can be achieved by repurposing ‘waste’ and turning it into a new material resource, how the current material revolution uses creative problem-solving to create positive change for the negative impacts people have made on our world, and how together all of these innovations can support and increase technology and performance to support people in everyday living, thus bringing them a better quality of life. 

With the resources, multidisciplinary practice, and intelligent individuals at SPACE10, I believe that I could contribute to challenging what the future might look like by developing tools, experiences, and technologies that might take us to a different type of future.