CLIENT Self Directed Final Major Project First Class Honours BRAND oui•d DATE June 2018 OUI•D offers a simple self-care system for making natural, homemade topical lotions infused with hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) oil, and for creating herbal aroma diffusions with terpenes found in cannabis. Catering to the self-care market of cannabis users, the kit offersContinue reading “oui•d”


CLIENT Self Directed Design for Production First Class Honours BRAND VEGETATE DATE June 2018 VEGETATE supports the new era of agriculture and allows users to grow vegetables and herbs on a small scale, without soil, and complicated maintenance. This simplified and compact hydroponic food growing experience makes farming at home both easy and beautiful.

Wasted 2.0

CLIENT SCP BRAND n/a DATE December 2017 WASTED 2.0 is a hydroponic vessel designed to support the new era of agriculture and sustainability. It allows people to use their food waste or leftover herbs to multiply their stock or grow new fruits, vegetables and plants without soil and with minimal maintenance. The upper ceramic collarContinue reading “Wasted 2.0”

Wasted 1.0

CLIENT Self Directed Project BRAND n/a DATE December 2017 WASTED 1.0 is an exploration of the potential of food waste and bi-products in a second life. The investigation resulted in a process of staining fired and glazed ceramics with homemade fabric dye made from food bi-products like onion skins and pomegranate skins.


CLIENT John Lewis Selected as Favourite Design BRAND Design Project by John Lewis DESIGNED WITH Jessica Anne DATE May 2017 STAGES allows customisation of storage and display for objects that hold the most sentimental value. Users are encouraged to assemble and rearrange a personal shrine of their most loved items in a way that communicatesContinue reading “STAGES”

Talking Soap Box

CLIENTSAM LabsIDEODESIGNED WITHJessica Anne + Hwan OkDATEMay 2016 TALKING SOAP BOX uses SAM Labs interactive building block technology to offer an interactive experience within the public washroom. The experience has been designed to change the behaviour of public restroom users and encourage hygienic hand washing habits in order to kill and prevent the spreading ofContinue reading “Talking Soap Box”


CLIENTFixpertsAlex – FixpartnerDESIGNED WITHDaniela Costa, Boat Choksakulnimit + Louis RobertsDATEDecember 2015 FIXPERTS is the outcome of a group project in collaboration with the learning programme Fixperts, where we used IDEO’s Human-Centered Design approach for solving a problem for our ‘Fixpartner’ named Alex. In the Inspiration Phase we observed Alex in her workplace in order toContinue reading “Hooks”


CLIENT Self Directed Final Major Foundation Project Distinction BRAND n/a DATE May 2015 SURVIVAL is equip with the essential survival tools to offer piece of mind for those needing extra comfort while exploring the forest. From its small and lightweight packaging to its contents, this kit has been thoughtfully designed to assist in life-saving modesContinue reading “Survival”